The Guest: Christoffer Öster (Dödsrit)

Our next guest is Christoffer Öster, the man behind Totem Skin and the awesome Dödsrit! He has chosen a couple of albums you need to check out. And if you haven’t heard his band yet, please check it out here:


My name is Christoffer Öster. I'm 29 and live about 15 min outside of a town called Borlänge in Sweden.

I started to listen to aggressive music when I heard Refused on the radio when I was seven. Ever since I was hooked on all things that I found heavy and raw.

I started to play guitar when I was around 20, since no one I knew wanted to play the stuff that I listened to. In 2012 I started a band called Totem skin. We did some tours and LP's before we disbanded in 2016.

I still had some song ideas and riffs before we ended. And I didn't want to let them go to waste, so I started Dödsrit.

Those songs made it to the first Dödsrit album that came out in October 2017 on Alerta antifascista records. Almost a year later 4 new songs came out on a LP through Prosthetic records.

In 2019 I hope to play some shows!

Cult of Luna - Somewhere along the highway

This is my favorite album from Cult of Luna without a doubt.
This is a bit rawer and not so over polished and produced like some of their other albums,but in a very good way. It got tons of layers of atmosphere and I highly recommend to listen to this album with headphones.

Favourite song: “Dark City Dead Man”


Martyrdöd - In extremis

This was the first album I heard with Martyrdöd and I was instantly hooked on the whole melodic d-beat stuff.
This got some great riffs and even though most songs are straight d-beat to the end, it still never get boring.

Favourite song : “Utanförskapet”


Fall of Efrafa - Elil

This is just an amazing album from start to finish.
Just 3 songs on this double LP,but what a couple of songs!
Very lengthy and heavy songs with some moody parts. A mayor plus is they throw in some clever d-beat parts here and there wich makes it a lot more interesting. Highly recommend this

Favourite song: “For El Ahrairah to cry”


The Secret - Solve et Coagula

Really good dark black metal/crust with an amazing recording quality.
Starts up slow and heavy but when the second song kicks in it really speed things up.
Straight forward parts that will knock you to the ground. But also some very dark and heavy reverb drained parts too.

The guitar tone in this is also brilliant.

Favourite song: “1968”



Hard to choose wich recording is best from this band,since they only released three 7inches.
But this is probably my favorite hardcore band. Amazing punky riffs and some really cool song structure. Really dig the vocals on this too.

Had the opportunity to see them live and I was blown away.

Favourite song: “Drag down”


Christoffer Öster